Newnham College

I adore Newnham in light of the fact that it makes me feel perpetually fit for attempting new things, learning and working, just as having a great time!

150 years prior, a gathering of radicals – logicians, campaigners, researchers, journalists – met up to make a Cambridge College not at all like some other. They longed for a College that would be neighborly and testing, with gigantic plant enclosures open to everybody, and where Fellows and understudies would chat on equivalent terms. Newnham today makes that genuine.

Our organizers needed a College that would be delightful and agreeable, with warm block structures watching out to shocking plant enclosures where understudies outing, work and unwind. From memorable rooms with galleries to slick present day en-suite rooms, all Newnham students live nearby and are in every case near their companions.

Newnham is a College for ladies, driven by ladies. It's where you'll see ladies hold the most senior jobs; where you'll have the help to live to your maximum capacity. Your instructing and public activity will be with ladies and men from over the University, and you'll get back home to a College that supports ladies 100 percent.

Our beautiful library, truly outstanding in Cambridge, was first worked in 1897, when early ladies understudies couldn't utilize the University libraries. Old Labs, the first ladies' research centers, are currently an exhibition space.

Our extensive focal site is directly alongside the Sidgwick Site, with the science and building offices 5 minutes' cycle away. Our games fields, tennis and netball courts are all on location; so is our rooftop top glass-walled exercise center, watching out over the Cambridge horizon.

Understudies appreciate picking between well-furnished kitchens to cook with companions, the Buttery for loosened up dinners, or feasting in style in Hall. Furthermore, there's consistently espresso and cake at our chilled bistro bar.

In the event that you need to think beyond practical boundaries, and get pragmatic help for your fantasies, go along with us.

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