Magdalene College

Every one of the understudies value Magdalene's affectionate, assorted and well disposed network. The College has the work-life parity spot-on and offers me all that I need both scholastically and recreationally. Formal corridor seven days seven days is likewise a distinct positive.

Magdalene College has the upside of an appealing and advantageous area, on the banks of the River Cam, under five minutes' stroll from the downtown area.

With structures that are both excellent and inviting, libraries giving everything from first-year course books to medieval original copies, submitted showing staff and an energetic network, Magdalene College is an ideal situation wherein to live and think about.

Magdalene commonly concedes around 105 students per year and energizes candidates from all instructive and social foundations. Each candidate is evaluated alone merits and we consider both potential and reputation. At Magdalene, we need our understudies to satisfy each gram of their potential and our Directors of Studies are close by to enable you to accomplish at the most elevated conceivable level.

On the off chance that you come to examine here, you'll get a warm welcome when you touch base in Magdalene: there are a lot of exercises in the primary week and past to enable you to settle in, meet new individuals and feel comfortable.

We're ready to oblige every one of our understudies, and a decent decision and blend of lodging is accessible; from the convention of First Court, through to the Magdalene Village (running from medieval investigation rooms to present day sets) and Cripps Court, with its attractive nursery and en suite rooms.

School convention is kept up with candlelit meals in Hall, however numerous understudies additionally utilize the casual cafeteria and cooking offices in the various staircase kitchens.

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