Emmanuel College

The comprehensive condition of Emma is one of the most significant parts of the College – you feel acknowledged and 'at home' whatever your experience or convictions.

The notoriety of Emmanuel as 'the neighborly College' has become throughout the years. This notoriety, similar to the College's incredible record of scholarly accomplishment, is fundamentally because of our understudies.

Emmanuel is a network that lives by standards of shared help and aggregate obligation. Some portion of the explanation behind our prosperity, other than the more formal university supervision framework, is the striking steady relationship that has grown up between understudies in various long stretches of their courses and which perseveres as one gathering graduates and another gathering of freshers arrives.

The consequence of this is Emmanuel's understudies keep on exceeding expectations in their tests, their game and their music, while as yet discovering time to appreciate a functioning and comprehensive public activity. The College gives the system – superb offices for game, processing and music; dynamite educators; an as of late reconstructed library and with a standout amongst other perusing rooms in Cambridge; an understudy run bar, etc – however the understudies wrap up.

Emmanuel is as a matter of first importance a scholarly network wherein people can create to their maximum capacity. It's additionally tastefully satisfying: the extensive size and calm engineering excellence of the grounds and structures, in the focal point of Cambridge, shock everybody who enters. The Head Gardener accepts that nurseries are to be utilized, so the two lakes, with their ducks and moorhens, the tennis courts in summer, the pool and the huge grass region known as the Paddock, are there for all individuals from the College to appreciate. Nonetheless, the grass in Front Court is hallowed: just ducks and Dons, and snowmen that show up strangely in the center of the night, are permitted on it.

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